2021 was a year of discovering what we really stand for.

As I sit down to write this, our premier has just announced the first official use of a vaccine passport to enter an event. Then he reinforced the provisionary vaccine for kids. Thinking about 2021 feels awful but I have actually achieved a lot!

This year, I spent much more time in nature. I have done this to calm and ground myself amid all the fear around me. And because connecting to Mother Nature is how we should be living. Our lives have become looking at screens within our manufactured concrete jungle.

I started snorkelling and even went on a road trip north with a dear friend. Something that we have wanted to do since we were young and saw the movie Thelma and Louise (but without the same ending).


Continuing on my personal growth journey, I learned the one major mistake we all tend to make. With this knowledge, I have totally turned my life around. We are not broken and we don’t have to fix ourselves to achieve what we want. We can create a life we love just as we are. Now, this perspective has become a massive part of my business because I impart it to others.

I also learned an incredible energy healing technique that can be done with entire groups of people all at once. This is something I currently am offering free through video calls online. Being able to release people’s resistance to creating their dreams is something I am very grateful to be able to provide. My vision of a world full of people bringing their gifts is becoming a real possibility with my new skills and knowledge.

Self-belief, confidence and direction are all we need to create a life that we love.


2021 has been a year of rallies for freedom of choice. Tens of thousands of people united over many gatherings over the last twelve months. Uniting in support of our rights, sovereignty and against mandates, these events are joyous occasions for the most part, as we come together as one.

I also discovered true passive income and explored multiple ways of earning. In a world where anything can happen, there is a definite need to cover all bases. Self-reliance has redefined itself for me. I always saw it as independence but now the meaning has changed to one of being able to provide for myself as much as possible.

On a more personal note, I became a great aunt again – I have always been a great aunt. 😉 Then my niece announced her wedding. Finally, my son proposed to his girl. Lots of reasons to celebrate within my family. Beautiful blessings within times of massive change.

At the end of 2021, I had two people approach me with business ventures that I am super excited about for the new year. Watch this space!

So you see, this year wasn’t that bad after all. Sometimes we just need to dig deeper. I highly recommend you journal on it yourself and see what you can find. Self-reflection is a powerful tool and can turn a negative into a positive.

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