What ever you think affects every part of your being. What ever you feel affects every part of your being. What ever you do affects every part of your being.

If you are disconnected from Spirit and think you are worthless, your body will slump, your shoulders will curl inward, your heart will sink in, your knees will weaken, your arms will hang, and you will feel sadness and have less energy. If you slump your body into a slouch, and stand without strength, you will feel sadness, and may think you are worthless and disconnected. If you feel sad, you may think you are worthless and disconnected, and your body will slouch into a slump. All three – the mind, the body and the soul – affect each other. We need to find balance in all three.

Meditation connects us to Spirit. It helps us feel we are not alone and that we are enough. What seemed troublesome will suddenly have less meaning so we feel content with what we have and trust that things will work out. We believe more in ourselves and this improves our posture and our emotions.

Aromatherapy uplifts us and energises. Dependent on your needs, there is an oil or blend for every emotion to turn it into a positive one – quicker than you can think “I smell essential oils”. Essential oils take milliseconds to enter the olfactory system and penetrate the limbic system where emotions and memories are stored. Feeling uplifted improves our posture and raises our vibration.

Spiragenics is a technique that reduces stress and strain on our bodies. It connects us to the spiral movements found all throughout nature and the Universe connecting us to that energy. You feel very much in touch with your physical being and it improves your posture. This in-turn uplifts us and reminds us of our inner joy.

In my coaching sessions you will experience all of the above and receive a thetahealing. Thetahealing is a powerful modality that ‘reprograms’ your subconscious to release limiting beliefs and find your unbroken self again. This will uplift you and improve how you carry yourself.

This is why I am a Mind, Body & Soul Coach, everything that I do helps you in all three ways.

If you would like to know more please comment below or contact me at flourishwithdeanne@gmail.com

In service

Deanne <3



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