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Massage has many benefits. Firstly, it increases circulation. Secondly, it stimulates the nervous system. Thirdly, a session removes toxins from the body. More importantly, it kickstarts the lymph nodes. Plus, it relieves muscle discomfort and increases energy. Therefore, it relieves stress and reduces fatigue.

This technique is not the usual deep tissue or sports massage. There is a lighter touch that is just as powerful, as a result.

Essential oils have been in use for thousands of years. They are known to support our bodies physically. As well as balancing our emotions for overall health and wellness.

The results of an aromatherapy massage can be felt for days.


The benefits are incredible

This method is a clinical approach to applying essential oils to specific parts of the body. In addition, different oils are selected depending on what it is you wish to work on.

For instance, the various choices include:














* Adrenal





*Overall wellbeing

Above all, this technique uses doTERRA’s certified, pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Your skin is your largest organ, therefore you should be careful what you ‘feed’ it. These are the most pristine oils I know.

Are you ready to feel great?

Learn more about essential oils here

I have received three aroma touch treatments from Deanne and I highly recommend her work. The calming effect of the oils and reinvigoration of energy levels are subtle yet powerful, it’s a wonderful and worthwhile treat.
Thank you Deanne
Cameron Gordon

Founder, Cameron Gordon - Signage, Design, Art Projects

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