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Massage has many benefits. From increasing circulation to stimulating the nervous system. Massage removes toxins from the body and stimulates the lymph nodes. It relieves muscular discomfort and increases stamina. Also, relieves stress and reduces fatigue.

This particular massage technique is not the usual deep tissue or sports massage. There is a lighter touch that is just as powerful, if not more so.

The results of the Aromatouch Technique can be felt for days.


The Aromatouch massage uses essential oils

This technique is a clinical approach to massaging essential oils along the back and feet. Eight essential oils and blends are used because of their emotional and physical support.

As a result, the oils stimulate the meridian points and energy zones. Stress is relieved and the immune system is enhanced. Of course, pain is relieved also. Essential oils are often referred to as complementary medicine because there are many benefits to the body.

Consequently, one of the oil blends in the Aromatouch technique is in fact called ‘Aromatouch’ and this alone is amazing as a massage oil. 

This technique uses doTERRA’s certified, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Your skin is your largest organ, therefore you should be careful what you ‘feed’ it.

Are you ready to feel great?

If you are south of the river or in the Peel district, why not book a session now?

I have received three aroma touch treatments from Deanne and I highly recommend her work. The calming effect of the oils and reinvigoration of energy levels are subtle yet powerful, it’s a wonderful and worthwhile treat.
Thank you Deanne
Cameron Gordon

Founder, Cameron Gordon - Signage, Design, Art Projects

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