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A Biofield Viewer has very sophisticated software.

The Biofield Viewer has very new technology. It shows us what we cannot see with the naked eye or through medical equipment. The average camera removes lots of light and adjusts colours therefore showing us what we see with our eyes. The Biofield Viewer has 8 layers of software so we can see the different areas of our energy fields.

We are more than our physical bodies. We have an auric field, biofield and chakras (energy centres). The environment, our diet, and people around us impact our energy body and our energy body impacts our surrounds. Because of congested or excessive energy within our body, we see the affects on our physical, mental and spiritual health.

An Energy Body Alignment shows you where there is congestion or excessive energy and how to rectify it.

The biofield viewer displays where past physical trauma is still impacting us. It highlights areas of concern before illness occurs, and defines which energy centres aren’t flowing. It can even pick up on any paranormal activity.

Our energy is impacted greatly by emotions. This appears in our energy field so we can recognise what is happening inside and out because of the way we feel and treat ourselves. Even connections, or lack of, to family and friends can impact our bodies.

Using alternative therapies and medicine, or taking specific life actions, the issues can be addressed or resolved in unobtrusive ways.

  An Energy Body Alignment session involves – 

  • taking images of your energy body with the biofield viewer
  • receiving quick, on-the-spot feedback on what has shown up
  • taking home an aromatherapy spray specifically suited to your needs
  • receiving a full report via email. This includes any relevant images, what your energy body is telling you and any further advice to resolve complications.

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