Flourish with Deanne


Being inspired by death

Death is not a popular subject, I know, but it should be because death is inspirational. Hear me out. We know we have a soul, right? So in death we still live on. Our bodies are just shells that give us the ability to do things in this life. Obviously it is preferable...

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Are you in balance?

  What ever you think affects every part of your being. What ever you feel affects every part of your being. What ever you do affects every part of your being. If you are disconnected from Spirit and think you are worthless, your body will slump, your shoulders...

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Don’t be straight

You know that spirals are everywhere in nature, right? From galaxies to shells to the hair on our head growing around the crown. I hadn't put much more thought into it than that until I learned Spiragenics. Spiragenics is the body movement technique that teaches us to...

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How is your inner child?

We carry all our ages with us like layers of an onion or rings in a tree, did you know that? All our life experiences at certain ages are still there and come out of us again when we feel weak or threatened. Especially if that moment relates to the feelings felt back...

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What are you feeding your skin?

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Most of what we put on it is absorbed into our body and into our blood stream. Statistics from a poll in Britain last year (2016) showed us that the average woman puts 515 chemicals onto her skin a day! And mostly to the face...

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My gateway drug

When I was younger I was a quiet, studious child who always got high grades. Into my teens, however, I felt the weight of responsibility and lack of guidance so heavily that I went into self-destruct mode. How does an A student choose not to continue school? Next I...

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