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How much of your life was given to supporting and helping others? It is even considered 'selfish' to do something for you.

The truth is you keep giving all your energy away and there is nothing left for you.

Somewhere in there, somehow, you lost your confidence and your dreams.


Maybe you do know what you want but something keeps stopping you from achieving those goals.

No matter how hard you try the reality is that you just aren't getting there.

This free workbook very quickly assists you in uncovering what you really want and provides the guidance and steps to make it a reality.

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About Deanne

Deanne Moulden has been working on herself for many years and learned effective skills and processes of which some she shares here.

She has had to adapt to many upheavals in her life and has a world of knowledge to give from her experiences.

Deanne's passion is to guide others to be their own stars in this forever changing world.

She walks her talk, and this workbook is a testimony to her desire for a better reality for all those that she reaches.


Found her purpose

"Prior to connecting with Dee I felt lost within myself, I didn't know who I was or what my purpose was, since then I have learnt so much about myself and can see progress within my small actions that I've been able to implement through wht I have learnt."

Moana Nelio

Built her confidence

"Being mostly closed off to the world as I'm socially awkward, through doing this work with her I now have a lot more confidence and am doing things I never thought I could do."

Dearna Dedman

Feels sure of her future

"I was feeling jaded and unsure if I would ever feel in control of my life and happiness again. I now feel sure of my future and have many varied tools to keep me focused and continuing to grow."

Dawn Howfield

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