A year of illumination

Enchanted Journey

A transformative path towards inner peace, clarity and personal enlightenment

Are you seeking to understand the deeper meaning and purpose of life? 

Want to know your world beyond the physical realm?

Driven by a desire for personal growth and a deeper connection to something greater than yourself?

Then this is for you!

What to Expect

Imagine how you will feel after dedicating time to yourself and discovering more about who you are and the world around you.

When we remember who we really are and the power we have, our lives become one of inspiration, gratitude and contentment.

We are in transformational times, so consider this program to be providing necessary knowledge and skills for life.

Over this year of magic, you will:

Understand yourself better
Expand your spiritual toolkit
Find a sense of calm and tranquility
Develop deeper connections
Feel more in control
Connect to something greater than yourself

My Promise

Dear Soul Searcher

After a lifetime of traumas, depression and not knowing who I am or even what I wanted, my own spiritual journey began.

It was a long and slow passage but I called on my courage and persistence to keep going which led me to this wonderful life I lead. My confidence and self-belief are high and I am now living my purpose.

I truly believe that it is our disconnect from Source energy that is the cause of most people's depression. Once we reconnect, we are able to heal from our past and enjoy the life we were born to live.

After more than ten years of study and seeking, I am now putting what I have learned in this Enchanted Journey program so that you can have it all in one place at your fingertips.

No need to do loads of courses, wandering from mentor to teacher to coach, and spend ridiculous amounts of money, like I did.

I will teach you everything I know and you can ask questions any time for me to answer.

You have my utmost support.


Dee x

P.S. I will also give you a money back guarantee. If you don't see the value in the first 30 days, I will refund your payment.

What you will Discover

Feng Shui

Understand how to set up your home specifically for you to have the best success possible.

Energy Clearing

Learn ways to cleanse your home and yourself of negative energy to feel more free and uplifted

Power of Chakras

Here we cover the seven main energy centres of the body and learn how to keep them balanced for holistic wellness

Qi Breathing

Understand the breathing technique that can profoundly affect your health and even sleep for a calm and relaxed feeling.


Learn a brilliant technique to release and heal emotions with simple acupuncture points for confidence and less stress.

Spirit Guides

Here we connect with archangels and other potent energies so you feel supported spiritually.


Understand essential oils and how they can elevate our vibration and support us in this 'work' to feel elevated.


Learn how using pendulums can be much more impactful than simply seeking answers to build self-belief.

Seasonal Changes

Here we cover the solstices and equinoxes and how to embrace the energies for balanced emotions.

Our 3 Consciousnesses

Understand your self-conscious, subconscious and superconscious and their roles for self-awareness.

Universal Laws

Learn about the 12 main laws of nature for better understanding of the world to build confidence.

Quantum Jumping

Here we cover timelines and how best to claim the version of you that is successful and call in your abundance.

No fluff!

This course is designed to get the most out of every session with your precious time in mind

Get These Amazing Benefits When You Join 

Fortnightly Calls 

Every two weeks we join together on Zoom for the topic of focus

Video Recordings

Replays of our calls are available if you miss one or to revisit for more clarity

 Meditation Audios

Some subjects we cover will involve meditation audios that you can keep


Loads of content on a variety of areas all in one program

Unique Offering

This is a one-of-kind program that was created by Deanne Moulden


Lifetime access to our Facebook group for support and Q&A's

Meet Deanne

Deanne has been working on her own journey for many years and learned effective processes that she shares in this program.

She has had lots of upheavals in her life and has a world of knowledge to give from her experiences.

Deanne's passion is to guide others to be their own stars in this forever changing world.

She walks her talk, and this program is a testimony to her desire for a better reality to all those that she reaches.

Deanne is the author of 'Who Am I Now? The path to self discovery'.

She is a certified life coach and thetahealer among her many talents.

Deanne is very down-to-earth and approachable making this sometimes difficult work far easier.



Deanne has been a part of my spiritual growth and healing. She has been an inspiration and helped guide me to a better me. I can't think of anything that could be better for my present and future self

Tracey Vinson


I highly recommend working with Deanne in her programs. I found her guidance and support to be such a motivating experience for me. Thank you, Deanne, for helping me create a life I love.

Sheree Devlin


I have so much gratitude for Deanne. She has allowed me to access a greater clarity,  awareness and strength in exploring my core self and moving forward in my life. Thank you!

Antonella Gibson

The Time is Now!

We start June 6th, 2024 

Early bird bonus is a 1to1 healing call with Deanne to release a limiting belief, if you join before May 1st.

This opportunity is strictly limited to 12 people for best support and is only run once a year.

The knowledge and skillset you will acquire here will potentially bring the joy and fulfilment you are seeking.

You will receive:

* 24 fortnightly group calls providing huge spiritual growth

(We break over the festive season)

* replays to all those calls if you miss one or to revisit

* a Facebook support group for life with access to Deanne

* meditation audios that are yours to keep forever

Well over $5000 in value is all yours for just $1599. 

(Saving $325 over a payment plan.)

What is your happiness worth to you?

Let's start creating it for you now!

If you really want to benefit from all of this but require a payment plan, I understand and want to help.

Select this option for weekly payments $37.

If you prefer fortnightly or monthly payment options, 

reach out to me and we can discuss 

doing that for you too.

Let's just get you started 🙂

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to choose a time to discuss on the phone.

If you prefer a fortnightly or monthly payment plan, please email deanne@flourishwithdeanne.com.au or text 0424 122 311 

Your Only Regret Will Be Not Doing This Sooner

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