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Why a Self-care Challenge?

We often teach what we need to learn and I found self-care to be a huge challenge of my own. I had no idea where to start or what self-care truly meant. 

The more I understood the importance of looking after myself, the more I noticed so many other people do not practise it either.

Without self-care there is a lack of self-worth. We are always giving of ourselves to others and running on empty.

This challenge is to show people a different way to be, that is simple to learn and easy to follow.

Who is this for?

People who are finding there is no time for them, feeling exhausted and unsupported.
Those of you who fulfil everyone else's needs and receive nothing in return.
This is for you if you don't feel acknowledged and want more for yourself

Deanne knows what it feels like to want to continually be of service to others. In fact, it's her business to do that. She assists people who have lost themselves to find their truth again.

She also understands the impact a lack of self-care has on our lives due to her training around the power of thoughts and actions.

Deanne has a very down-to-earth and easy to understand approach to everything that she does. 

People often say how calm they feel around her and how generous she is with her knowledge and gifts.

Your Reward for Completing the challenge

Learn to love and respect yourself with this simple, step-by-step process that will begin your daily self-care practice.

By the end of the challenge, you will feel so much better about yourself that you will have more energy to give to others.

Not to mention you will be showing the Universe (Law of Attraction) and your loved ones how you deserve to be treated.

If, by the end of this challenge, you still feel you have low self-esteem and energy levels, remember that you at least have the skills to work on that and you will appreciate the impact your practice can have for you and those around you.

PLUS by actually taking action during this challenge, you can win a copy of Deanne's book 'Who Am I Now? - The path to self-discovery' which is receiving rave reviews, AND a one-on-one session with Deanne to really embrace your new found self.

If you are interested in seeing what else Flourish with Deanne has to offer, visit her website here.

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