We carry all our ages with us like layers of an onion or rings in a tree, did you know that?

All our life experiences at certain ages are still there and come out of us again when we feel weak or threatened. Especially if that moment relates to the feelings felt back when we were 5 or 10 or 15.

In my journey I have ‘dealt with’ many of these traumatic moments but there are layers even to them! so they still come out occasionally.

If we can be conscious of these moments and catch ourselves out then we can move forward with this knowledge and react in a manner that is beneficial for all involved. This is all part of our learning journey and returning to our natural selves.

For example when I was 14 I felt unsupported by my parents and chose to drop out of school because I had no guidance as to what to do next. I had no idea what I wanted to select for my year 11 subjects as I had no idea who I was or who I wanted to be. This lead to a path of self-destruction because I realised I had to look after me – which I will talk about in another blog.

I recently felt unloved, unsupported and had no idea what to do next so my 14 year old returned. I became argumentative, felt unworthy and reacted very defensively – until it was pointed out to me. You see I hadn’t recognised that at 14 my decision was so catastrophic. I had looked back at my traumatic experiences when trying to deal with my child but not my 14 year old.

Katie Eden Todd was my support at this time and showed me what was going on. She advised me to picture my adult self with my 14 year old self and to embrace the younger me. Show her love. Show her that I am here now to make the tough decisions. That I will always be here for her.

What a transformation! I have self-respect coming back to me that I hadn’t realised I lost. I am clearer now on where I want to direct my life. We must all hug our child when we feel him or her arising and assure them that we are here and they are loved. 

Katie created Persona Grata which teaches you to identify who you innately are so that you will recognise when you are in child and when you are in adult. Persona Grata also assists you in understanding when people around you are in child or adult; what triggers you in them; what triggers them in you and more. Such a wonderful, amazing tool to have in your box of tricks.

Together we have created Person Grata Magic!! These are aromatherapy sprays to help keep you in adult. You can define who you are by completing the questionnaire and figuring out which is your highest scoring bird and your lowest scoring animal. Then you can choose which Magic sprays you require. They really do work!

If you would like to know more or purchase some Magic please comment below or email me at flourishwithdeanne@gmail.com.

In service

Deanne <3


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