Before I began my spiritual quest and understood the spiral, my life was circular.

I was constantly repeating patterns, although with different people. Do you know what I mean? We all do this in some form or another. These circular patterns can be friendships, jobs, our behaviour, but ultimately, they boil down to our decisions and how we react in certain situations.

For example, I would end an abusive relationship only to wind up in another one that looked different but felt the same. By the third time, I started to realise it was the choices I was making, and I began to ‘wake up’. We get taps on the shoulder from the Universe, but most of us don’t notice until it becomes a good kick up the rear! Only then do we see what is happening and start to make changes.

However, a few years or more down the track, we usually find ourselves in a similar situation and wonder how we got here again. We think – I learned this stuff! And here is where the spiral exists. You see, our journey is a spiral staircase. As we learn, we go up the stairs, but eventually, it circles back around. We find ourselves retested on our lesson.

Self-reflection is a valuable tool. When we spiral back to something we have learned, it is an opportunity to see how far we have come. The Universe is asking whether you have really learned yet.

There is only so much of our journey that can be planned. I have taken many courses and had many aspirations. To be honest with you, I have never had any long term goals until more recent years. Even they have a lot of room to move. The ideas I have for my future are more about feelings and thoughts rather than details because of that spiral.

We don’t have complete control over our lives. Spirituality can not be planned and especially not forced. There are always external factors that 2020 showed us explicitly.

I show my clients how to create a life they love by guiding them. We are the predominant creators of our own reality, and the best way to do that is by being it before we see it. The process is based on feelings followed by action.

Everything in the Universe is based on spirals from galaxies to shells to flowers to our life pathway itself.

I even learned to move in spirals (check out my Spiragenics course under the products section of this website). This is gentler on our bodies than the linear movements we typically do fighting against gravity. We don’t create roads or paths straight up a mountain; we spiral around it. Our movements should be the same.

In summary, if you find you have returned to a familiar unwanted situation, ask yourself what is different or what you have learned? Demonstrate your knowledge by walking away earlier or changing your behaviour and acknowledge yourself for passing the latest test on your journey that is life.

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