Your life is like an onion, or the layers in the trunk of a tree. When you are three and you get upset you want to be consoled by your mother. When you get older and stronger you deal with sh!t yourself but, underneath it all is still the three year old who wants to be consoled by your mother. We all have moments of weakness.

The other layers are the conditioned ones. Where as we grow up we develop learned behaviour. When you are a toddler and you tread in dog sh!t, you don’t know that it smells bad until all the adults around you respond that way. And so it goes on. As a teenager you learn what behaviours your peers like and don’t like. As we get older we are influenced by what is acceptable in our work place, what is considered acceptable by the media, what is considered acceptable socially……notice how I said “considered”??

Most of it is not “considered” at all. It is echoed. The previous generation, or how-it-has-always-been-done, is enforced upon us. The factory mass-production that is our schools and every other environment we are in. We are moulded by our parents beliefs, by our schooling, by our peers, by our work places and by the media to the point that we lose ourselves.

I believed that I was being myself. And I was to an extent. I rebelled against the ‘norm’. Truth is there is no escaping losing ourselves. There is only peeling back the layers and finding yourself again, which is an often painful experience because you have to face the shadow self; you need to revisit the places that changed you. But the other choice is staying lost. Not being true to yourself. Not being you.

My passion, after uncovering MYself, is to help you do the same. I know we all have a gift to give to the world and I want to help you GIVE that. You are uniquely you. In all the billions of people who have existed and the billions more to come, no-one will EVER be the same as you! Do you realise how amazing that is? You are as unique as your finger prints and you have something to share with this amazing planet we live on, no matter how small you think it is.

I think the best thing you can give to the world is just being you. Because that is all we are meant to be. And by you being you, you are leading by example so that others can be themselves

I can help you reveal your true self in many ways so please comment below or contact me at

Namaste (the light in me recognises the light in you)

Deanne <3

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