When I was younger I was a quiet, studious child who always got high grades. Into my teens, however, I felt the weight of responsibility and lack of guidance so heavily that I went into self-destruct mode. How does an A student choose not to continue school? Next I was, what they now call, date-raped at 15. Drunk and too scared to speak out, this was my first sexual encounter. From there I just got worse. I became promiscuous because I believed that was all that men wanted. I drank…..heavily.Hanging out with boys much older than me allowed me to purchase alcohol in liquor stores myself as the shop keepers recognised me and thought I was older. I then dabbled in cannabis and on a few occasions took ‘trips’ or acid.

By the time I was eighteen I was a mother. I cleaned up completely during my pregnancy and I now have a healthy, kind man for a son. We are especially close because we grew up together. I still tended to binge drink the following years. Fast forward to my forties and I was taking anti-depressants which I hated so I looked for a healthier option. In walks doTERRA. These certified, pure, therapeutic grade essential oils changed my life. THEY are what I coin ‘my gateway drug’! These oils opened up my world to a healthier way of living. I began to nurture myself because in using them I also gained that benefit. When I use the oils for pain I am also receiving the emotional and spiritual benefit. When using them for my emotions I am also supporting my body and raising my vibration so I am less inclined to get sick.

From my essential oil use came an invite to a spiritual retreat which opened my eyes even more to raw food and meditation. Doors started to open everywhere! I have so many new and wonderful people in my life I am eternally grateful. (I still have a handful of friends from my younger years that I cherish.) The more people I met the more I learned and now here I am, writing to you, as a theta healer who has developed her psychic intuition, practises aromatouch technique and is very knowledgeable in essential oil use!! If you had told me this would be the case four years ago I would have burst out laughing at you. Seriously.Four years ago in February is when I discovered doTERRA. Previously I thought oils were just stuff you put in oil burners (which with some essential oils is all they are good for). Now I am helping others find their way and I love it SO much. The joy in assisting people is inexplicable and the feedback I receive is the fuel to keep me going. Thank you to those of you who have opened doors for me. Thank you to the people whose lives have been shared with me. Thank you to the people I have yet to meet. I am humbled by the opportunity.

If you would like to know more please comment below or email me at flourishwithdeanne@gmail.com

In service

<3 Deanne

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