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Soulful Lifestyle Pathway

Come on a journey of self-discovery as you reconnect with who you truly are and live your life with passion

Soulful Leadership Circle

Imagine being part of an inner circle of knowledgeable, spiritual, people. People who have done the work and freely educate you.

Who would you be if nothing held you back?

For a very low price of $47, you can purchase a 10 day course that helps you break through whatever is holding you back.

At the other side of this course, you will be able to view what bothers you differently, and see things through a completely new set of eyes.

Working through your fears opens up your future

Every day, for ten days, you will receive tips to work through a different, common fear.

What if your dreams could become a reality?

By the end, you will be more confident and feel empowered to chase your dreams.

Free Yourself from Fears

Work through common fears preventing you from  achieving your goals, in a 10 step online course

It was very well laid out, short, sweet and great exercises to follow. I’m not much for lo-o-ong, dragging on info, so for anyone wanting to “move forward” in life, this course will have an enormous impact on you, and you won’t have to spend hours and hours with each step. But, I’d recommend to really taking enough time to actually doing them as that’s what’s going to impact your life the most. So get on with this course, you won’t regret it 🙂

Asa Nilsson

Spiritual Mindset Coach & Laughter Club Facilitator, Ignite the True You


Learn how to get in and out of your chair and your car, without straining your body, in this  video instruction. $12.95


The videos are emailed to you.

In this video you will learn how to stretch, sit in a chair, get out of a chair, sit on the floor, get up from the floor and the core reset exercise.

The core reset exercise ‘switches on’ all your core muscles and sets you up for the day.


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