I often find myself addressing self-care because it is something I constantly have to work on myself.

It even earned a chapter in my book ‘Who Am I Now? – the path to self-discovery’. Self-care needs to be an ongoing commitment.

Suppose you are anything like me. You tend to put other people first, which is a good trait. People perceive you as caring and compassionate. But what is your motive?

Being the eldest sibling, I was expected to look after my brother and sister and share everything with them. Rewards for my positive actions, e.g. being told I am a good girl, reinforced my decision to do more for people. Having a partner and sharing my life meant more of the same. Becoming a parent reinforced my position further because I was now entirely responsible for this soul I had brought to the world.

When I became single, and my son was old enough to look after himself, I started fundraising for charities. I spent all my spare time creating ways and implementing them. I have raised thousands of dollars for a few charities. The only thing that stops me from helping others is burnout, which can be anything from being too tired to becoming incapacitated.

That’s when I realise I have neglected myself.


I do practice self-care when everything is going well. I remember spending time in nature, giving my body that green drink, and meditating. But as soon as things get busy or stressful, it all stops. When I really should do it the most. So you see, this should be a daily practice because I am no good to anyone, especially myself, when I am too tired or sick. Wouldn’t it be best to give from an overflowing cup?

By putting ourselves first, we have more to give. When we fill ourselves up, we have more energy, more love and can hold more space for people. When we love ourselves, there is no need to seek any from other people. Therefore, loving yourself creates healthy boundaries and beautiful relationships. Pursuing our desires and goals fulfils us in many ways and creates a passion for life.

Self-care is not just bubble baths and massages.

It is taking care of your mind, body and soul, and is vital for our ability to get through the tough times.

Let’s look at the different ways we can practice loving on ourselves.

  • Physical – drinking enough water every day; having your supplements or that green drink; exercise.
  • Financial – checking the bank balance, budgeting, decluttering with a garage sale.
  • Emotional – allow yourself to feel emotions, aromatherapy, journaling
  • Spiritual – read a spiritual article, meditate, healing
  • Environmental – recycle your waste, go op-shopping, upcycle
  • Social – talk to a friend on the phone, spend time with family, attend an event
  • Professional – change your career, take a step towards your goal, learn a new skill
  • Intellectual – learn something new, do puzzles, read educational books

Self-care is anything good that you do for yourself.

Imagine spending as much time and energy on yourself as you do for others.

It would be a game-changer!


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