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Soulful lifestyle

A space to be who you really are

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For ONLY $14 AUD per month


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Connection with like-minded people at different stages of their spiritual growth journey. Whether you are just starting out or already on your path, you will benefit from being with this group. Members from different levels contribute and learn from each others questions, and self-discoveries.

Energy Work

Step 1

Weekly live video calls for meditation, energy clearing or group healing. You will be guided through meditations each week so that you can be more centred and connect with your higher self. Experience Full Moon cleansing, New Moon manifesting and Past life healing meditations.

Value for money

Step 1

Peace of mind and friendships  for under $5 per week! It doesn't get much better than that. Imagine yourself as a person who is consistently calmer, supported on your path, and who has a voice, with some amazing, supportive contacts on a similar journey as you.

This is your permission slip to be yourself

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