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As a healer, I am able to assist you in many ways. ThetaHealing is a powerful technique that will allow you to quickly identify limiting belief systems, dissolve deeply held blocks and instantly reprogram the unconscious mind. With ThetaHealing you can ultimately realise a new and empowered way of living and re-create your life exactly as you choose. I utilise my intuition for the best results in every session.

When we enter this world, we are pure and whole and then things happen to us that change us. They imprint on us and influence our thoughts, our processes and our actions. We usually develop these from 0-7 years of age. Furthermore, quite often it is our very own parents that create this.

First of all, there will be events in your life that created or reinforced the belief, so we deal with those. Also, you will have emotions attached to the events, so they are released too. There will be emotions you may not have experienced, so you are shown how to feel them. Finally, your belief is changed as well. I personally have had a healer work on me, which inspired me to learn this amazing technique.

This is all done at the theta level of your brainwaves. 

Thetahealers work in the same area of your brain as hypnotherapists, but you will not be hypnotised. We just chat and the energy healing is performed. Because it is an energy healing, I can be your healer in person or over the phone.

If you wish for mental health or for your mind to be freed, let me know, and we can work together to remove those limiting beliefs, blocks or trauma that are holding you back!

Usually it is a subconscious belief that we are not even aware of because it is so innate that it is a part of us. This is what needs to heal and can take one session or a few, depending on how ready you are.

ThetaHealing is probably the most effective of the alternative therapies available.

I always begin my ThetaHealing sessions with, “If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?” and we work from there. Most likely the work I do will end up being belief work.

Our beliefs impact every aspect of our lives. For example, if you believe you are unworthy, guess what? You won’t get that dream job. Or live the lifestyle you want. You won’t attract the right partner. All that you are truly worthy of will remain out of reach.

I am Ready!!

 Choose a time that suits you and Deanne will be in touch to discuss price.

Recently I attended a theta healing with Deanne and was amazed at how quickly I felt a difference in my heart and brain. All negativity disappeared along with my insecurities and I left feeling like life was a great place to be. I can honestly say I was, and still am, amazed at how her wonderful intuitive healing changed my life!! I still feel amazing.
As Molly would say, “Do yourself a favour” and see Deanne soon.

Dawn Howfield

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