I often say that animals live by their instincts, and we talk ourselves out of ours. Intuition is our sixth sense!

Why do we do disregard it? A big part of the reason is that we doubt ourselves. We have grown up being told off for certain behaviours and had teachers put a red ‘x’ next to our answers that are wrong. Coming last or at least not first in competitions and even good old sibling rivalry has shown us that we are far from perfect.

So why would our intuition be correct? Why should we trust and believe in something with no evidence or logic to it quite often?

We all have a time when our gut told us one thing, and we took a different action and wished we had listened to our gut, right? There’s your evidence.



There are many benefits to listening to and acting on your intuition. The more you do, the stronger it gets like when exercising muscles.

  • Your dreams become more vivid, and you remember them better. You may also have more experience with deja vu.
  • You will become more aware of your emotions and understand your position. This results in better decision making.
  • Empathy becomes stronger as you notice others feelings and reactions to situations.
  • Awareness of your own actions and thoughts amplifies.
  • You become more observant of your surroundings and appreciate things you may otherwise have missed.
  • Creativity can be expressed easily and in many various ways.
  • Rarely are opinions seen in black or white when guided by your intuition. Your ability to see more perspectives becomes clearer.
  • Solitude becomes a blessing instead of feeling lonely.
  • You are prone to seek more profound answers beyond the surface level.

Intuitive people are optimistic because they can see the silver lining and the goodness in life.


When you think about it, you have used your intuition a lot. Not every decision you have made uses your logic. Some things you chose based on your emotions – because you liked it. Your favourite hobby or sport, friends, or life partner are great examples.

Practise using your intuition throughout your day. Before making a decision, check-in with yourself. Guess whether that car in front of you is going to turn left, right or continue straight ahead. Try and name who is calling you before looking at your phone or figure out if they will pick up when you call. Ask yourself if your payment has gone in before viewing your bank balance.

These little exercises will bring more accurate answers over time until after a while when you will just know certain things.

The more you work with your intuition, the better your choices and decisions will be.

My intuition is a loud voice in my head or a strong push or pull into action. It is virtually impossible to ignore and saved me in a lot of different ways.

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