Our skin is the largest organ in our body. Most of what we put on it is absorbed into our body and into our blood stream. Statistics from a poll in Britain last year (2016) showed us that the average woman puts 515 chemicals onto her skin a day! And mostly to the face and head! Pretty frightening. Especially when you consider that our skin is our first layer of protection for our internal organs.

Think about it. We use shampoo; conditioner; moisturiser; hairspray or mousse or gel; anti-perspirant; deodorant; perfume; fake tan; body lotion; nail varnish; foundation; mascara; eyeliner; eye shadow; blush; lipstick; lip balm; sunscreen; scrubs; masks……phew! And what we could be doing is nourishing our skin with all natural products and essential oils.

Essential oils are Mother Nature’s (Gaia’s) most precious gifts. Even if you pick the wrong one you are doing good for your body. Some great essential oils for our skin are: Tea tree; sandalwood; frankincense; lavender; myrrh; geranium; juniper berry; helichrysum and patchouli. Add to carrier oil and you have a beautiful moisturiser that nourishes your skin and you smell great! No need for perfumes.

I practise what is now known as aromatic dressing. You can choose your oils practically but I tend to intuitively select mine. You see essential oils affect our emotions too and I trust that I will pick what I need each day.

Select up to three oils and blend up to 7 drops in 10ml of carrier oil. The carrier oil can be macadamia, avocado… I like to use fractionated coconut oil because its non-greasy, has no fragrance and absorbs quickly. Every morning (and evening if you like) I rub the oil into my skin, starting from my ankles and working my way up. Tell your legs ‘thank you for carrying me’ and your hips ‘thank you for swinging’ 😉 You deserve some self-love. This is an amazing start to your day as you will feel great for hours AND you are feeding your skin well.

If you want to know more comment below or email me at flourishwithdeanne@gmail.com

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