Whenever we get hurt or sick, our body is trying to tell us something.

And the worse it is, the stronger the message! I think a lot of us are aware that when we are sick or bedridden we are getting the instructions to stop, but why?

I lived my whole childhood and adolescence without breaking a single bone. Fast-forward to my adult years and breaking toes and my feet seemed to become a thing! Once I realised there appeared to be a pattern, I decided to look deeper.

Interestingly, all those phrases or cliche`s we hear tend to be true. In the example of feet, there is ‘putting your foot in the door’ to stop something from closing or ‘losing your footing’ meaning you have no control. I also have broken both of my ankles (I know right!) and our ankles are how we change direction. Shoulder injuries usually relate to having the weight of the world on your shoulders. So an easy way to look at it is the obvious phrases. However, as the two examples with the feet demonstrate, it can vary.


Illnesses have different messages too. Depending on what body system is impacted, is what the problem being addressed relates to. Issues with the lungs can be around fear. The liver is where we hold our anger. Headaches tend to correlate with stress.

My fascination for this subject eventually led me to our chakras. ‘Chakra’ is Sanskrit for wheel and represents the many energy centres in and around our bodies. Most people talk about the seven main chakras that run down our spines. Each is connected to a gland in our body and relates to different aspects of our lives. It is really fascinating stuff!

If the energy in each chakra is underactive or overactive, there can be big impacts on our health and wellness. For example, when a heart chakra is underactive we feel sad, our shoulders slump over and our chest caves in. When we have an overactive throat chakra, we talk too much and don’t listen. If we don’t address these issues we can end up with heart problems or throat issues accordingly.

We need to look after ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually for optimum health.

Imagine if we focus on keeping our chakras in balance. If we just did something every day for each of our main energy centres, we would be in peak overall health.

I can already hear some of you saying, “I haven’t got time for that!” and therein lies the problem. We are too busy NOT looking after ourselves. We ignore the subtle messages and even the big ones until our bodies say no more! Then we are no good for anybody, especially ourselves. It’s a bit like speeding because you are running late but end up being pulled over by the police and getting a ticket.

Some activities are good for more than one chakra. I like to sit in my car at the beach and watch the sunset. Being around nature grounds me (root chakra), lets all my worries drop away (heart chakra), and it is quiet so I connect with the bigger picture (crown chakra).

I am so in tune with my body that I know when I need to do things for myself. And when I lose that connection, when stress or overwhelm get to me, I use my pendulum and ask.

Pendulums can be bought or be a simple as a necklace with a locket. I love using these because you are connecting with your higher self. Simply let it dangle down from your fingers and ask a yes or no question. I recommend that first you say “Show me a yes” and see whether it swings back and forth, from side to side, or even clockwise or anti-clockwise. Then say “Show me a no” and wait for the response. If it doesn’t move at all, place your hand on your heart to get out of your head and try again. The more you practise this, the bigger the movement will become and the more obvious it will be. The questions must have yes or no answers and can only be about yourself.

The quieter we are the more we hear, and that includes listening to our bodies.

You know how when you have made a mistake you feel it in your stomach or when you are in love you feel it in your heart? Start looking for these sensations so you know what choices to make. If you need my help, I have courses and workshops happening often, just ask.

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