Who Am I Now?

The path to self-discovery

Life doesn't come with a manual, right?

Well, here is the book that people return to over and over again

What's Inside?

With all the influences from family, peers, advertising and the media, it is so easy to lose ourselves along the way. I know how defeating life can be when you feel lost and unappreciated. If you are anything like me, you are determined to find your way out of the slump and do the work yourself.

That is why I wrote this book - to reach out to those of you who are prepared to make positive changes to your life. Here is a step-by-step process to guide you instead of aimlessly wandering like I did.

This book will help you to understand yourself on a deeper level. Inside are tools to keep moving forward. In short, you will value yourself again.

What you get is a straight forward, no beating around the bush, easy to read process from someone who walks her talk.

By the end of this book you will connect to your true self. You will be inspired, motivated, feel more confident and value yourself, for a more fulfilling life.

After you have finished, if you still don't know what you are doing with your life or don't feel much better about yourself, remember that it took you a lifetime to get to where you are now. What you will receive is a better understanding of yourself and have tools to keep working on moving forward in life.

Deanne Moulden

Deanne Moulden has been working on her own journey for many years and learned effective skills and processes that she shares in this book. She has had to adapt to many upheavals in her life and has a world of knowledge to give from her experiences. Deanne's passion is to guide others to be their own stars in this forever changing world.

She walks her talk, and this book is a testimony to her desire for a better reality for all those that she reaches.

People Love deanne's work

"I so wish I had read this before my life started falling apart from CPTSD, depression and anxiety. Your book reads as a coming from deep down inside, not a bandaid fix. Step-by-step looking further looking into yourself and how to help yourself heal from the dark hole that has formed so deep inside. I'm utilising a few of the things you did. I have now read your book twice and still felt I got more inspiration from it"

Tina Webster

"I have finished your book.

Well let me say I love it. It hit home for me on so many levels and I have learned ways of coping with life better. I am telling everyone it is a must read.

Congratulations on making your dreams come to fruition"

Julia Jeffries

"A most inspiring book that will make you think and want to do the inner work to improve your lifestyle. You may find parts of yourself you didn't know were there! Deanne has written in such a way, it's easy to understand and follow. She makes you feel as though she understands you by sharing her own personal growth and is impressive just how far she has come. Makes you feel humbled and that you really can achieve anything you put your heart and mind to it."

Dearna Dedman

"What a fantastic book that will keep you interested and excited until the very end. 

Deanne has written this from her heart and bared her soul with her own stories too. This makes it so much more real and believable that I can also make progress in my life and really find my purpose. Hope you find yours too when you get the chance to read her encouraging book."

Dawn Howfield

What you will learn in this book

There are many aspects to us that create unnecessary negative reactions and responses. These come from deep in our subconscious and don't show themselves to us. By recognising why we have negative patterns, we can truly begin to understand ourselves better. We can begin to make changes for better decisions and even forgive ourselves with this knowledge.

The education within this book is life-changing. Most of us really don't know ourselves at all. By getting into the depths of who we are, we can begin to lead the life we were destined to live. Imagine waking up every morning with a smile on your face.

There are many skills to be learned in this book.

How to value yourself
Recognise and work on negative patterns
How to be motivated
Develop self-confidence
Rediscover your passion
How to achieve a future you will love

This book is filled with useful exercises and processes to assist you in your every day challenges.

If you complete this book and don't feel you got massive value out of it, you will receive your money back.

The tools within the book are used by the author herself with great success, so there is no doubt you will benefit also.

Who Am I Now?

The path to self-discovery

Start living the life you are here to live

Frequently asked questions

What if I already know this stuff?

It is likely that you will already know some of the content in this book, however there is a lot you will not. This book also serves as a journal and includes exercises to get you actively using the material you learn for best results

What are the 'tools' learned in the book?

The tools learned are techniques that either mentally help to switch your thinking or physically help to change how you feel.

Do I have to read the whole book for results?

No, you do not have to read the whole book. Each chapter is impactful on it's own so you can focus on what you need. However, there are benefits in every chapter.

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