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See your energy biofield

Most of us believe that we are more than just our physical bodies. Some people are blessed to be able to see that for themselves. Now technology has caught up and it is possible to not only see yours but receive photos!

How exciting is that?! You can see your aura, which is your spirit form emanating from you with light and colour. There is always a delighted smile when people view themselves in this way for the first time.

We have an auric field, biofield and chakras (energy centres) that  can be seen through sophisticated software. With these images we can see our true selves and learn what our bodies are trying to tell us.


Here you clearly see the impact I can have on a room as a healer and meditator. The initial colours are the energies of my healing space. When I enter that space it fills with white, the aura colour of enlightenment, truth, and purity.



Grab this one of a kind opportunity today

Perth, Western Australia

An Energy Body Alignment session involves – 

  • taking images of your aura, biofield and chakras
  • receiving quick, on-the-spot feedback on what has shown up
  • receiving an aura reading delving into the layers and colour meanings to your email along with…
  • receiving a full biofield report. This includes any relevant images, what your energy body is telling you, and any further advice to resolve complications.


*Image of typical aura photo – different colours appear for each individual


Why does it work?

Because an Energy Body Alignment shows where there are excessive or congested energies and you are given steps on how to rectify it.

The camera displays where past physical trauma is still impacting us. It highlights areas of concern before illness occurs, and defines which energy centres aren’t flowing. It can even pick up on any paranormal activity.

Our energy is impacted greatly by emotions. This appears in our energy field so we can recognise what is happening inside and out because of the way we feel and treat ourselves. Even connections, or lack of, to family and friends can impact our bodies.

Using alternative therapies and medicine, or taking specific life actions, the issues can be addressed or resolved in unobtrusive ways.

Give a gift with a difference. Everybody loves an aura photo. Why not get that special someone a voucher for their very own Energy Body Alignment. (Voucher is emailed to the address you provide.)

And we all can do with an energy check up every now and again.


Everything was spot on! It was truly amazing to physically see what I was feeling. Then all the rest of the things that came out from injuries. The reading was accurate in regards to what I still need to work on. I am looking forward to coming back, (once I’ve done what I need to do) and seeing how my biofield has changed. Thanks Deanne for an amazing experience. 🙌❤
Tanya Hawley

I recently received a really intriguing and cool aura reading from Deanne that showed photos of my Aura, chakra system and my energy body. The reading was great and very interesting to see what was happening.
It led me to a 180 healing with her also. I am feeling so content and  more able to move forward in a great direction.  Thankyou so much  🙏💚
Skye Ewen

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