Flourish with Deanne


I love seeing the changes in people’s lives and hearing how much more they believe in themselves

The transition from worthlessness to self-belief can be a long and messy one or a guided and supportive one.

The real challenge is deciding to start because we are so used to doing everything for everyone else.

Throughout this site, you will find testimonials at the bottom of each page as well.


Prior to connecting with Dee I felt lost within myself, I didnt know who I was or what my purpose was, since then Ive learnt so much about myself and can see the progress within my small actions that Ive been able to implement through what Ive learnt at the workshops ❤️

Moana Nelio

Being mostly closed off to the world as I’m socially awkward, through doing this program with her I now have a lot more confidence and am doing things I never thought I could do. She has been there every step of the way and has a lot of patience and really great energy about her.

Dearna Livingstone

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