Flourish with Deanne


Chakra Balancing

Our energy centres affect every aspect of our lives from physical to emotional to spiritual. When a chakra is out of balance it can create a lot of discomfort.

By using a combination of essential oils, crystals and singing bowls, we can create harmony in your body.

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Superconscious Recode

By tapping into our superconscious, we can clear all resistances to achieve our goals. The field is above our mind and subconscious and therefore can change it all, lessening pain and increasing satisfaction.

This is a closed eye experience that can be done anywhere, including video calls.

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Aromatherapy Massage

This method is a clinical approach to applying essential oils to specific parts of the body. In addition, different oils are selected depending on what it is you wish to work on. Essential oils are powerful, natural solutions to all kinds of ailments and emotional states.

You may even include sound healing, if you choose.

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One Eighty Healing

The three combined energy healing styles used here involve working with the deep subconscious to – heal suffering caused by emotional and physical issues including past trauma quicker and easier then ever before, remove blocks and limiting beliefs, improve aspects of relationships, money, build self-esteem, confidence and reduce stress, teach your body new feelings and experiences such as joy.

This is unique to Flourish with Deanne.

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I am a Soulful Lifestyle Coach, specialising in spiritual and personal growth, but we can work on relationships, weight reduction, health, work and more.

With me, you will release your limiting beliefs, blocks and fears. You will also gain tools to empower yourself moving forward.

I don’t want to be your coach for life. I want to empower you so you can move on without me. 

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Energy Body Alignment

This a biofield reading session. Photos are taken of your aura, energy body and chakras. You then receive copies of the images, a full report of anything that shows up, and suggestions moving forward to work on releasing or clearing areas of unwanted energy.

This is unique to Flourish with Deanne. 

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Tarot reading

A half-hour discussion on what’s in the cards. There are a variety of tarot spreads to choose from, and you can ask questions for the cards to answer, too.

Tarot reveals what we aren’t aware of or thinking of and can provide much-needed guidance.

In these sessions, you are very much a part of the reading and are not just spoken at.

Choose between a Zoom call or in-person session at Waikiki, Western Australia



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