Flourish with Deanne


As your coach, I can personalize what I cover to suit your needs.

Some of the benefits of life coaching are: knowing who you are, understanding your emotions, knowing what you want to accomplish, willingness to change, self-awareness, being in tune with the people around you, refining your focus, the ability to set and reach goals, and education to empower you to continue on your own!

As an example of my skills, here are some of the goals I have achieved: being a single parent; climbing a mountain; fundraising over $15,000; creating a series of seminars; personal growth; sky-diving; landing jobs I have had no experience in; and of course, starting my own business.

What do you want to be different in your life?

Are you a business person? Would you like assistance with career planning, development, motivation, time management, or creativity?

Is this a personal matter? Would you like guidance on stress management, motivation, confidence, personal growth, relationships, finances, or family?

Whatever it is you need, there is a way, and I am here to coach you on your path.

The best way I can help you on a deep level is with a series of coaching sessions.

I have travelled the long and arduous path of uncovering who I am through various means and painful releases. Along the way, I developed my skills and uncovered my gifts so that I can teach you how to achieve what you truly deserve to fulfil your purpose.

I am a certified Life Coach, a certified ThetaHealer, certified in Spiragenics, certified in the Aromatouch Technique and I have developed my intuition, along with other skills that I can use to coach you.


Schedule in a free chat now and let us see what we can achieve together

Deanne is a very kind, warm hearted person with a great sense of humor and a professional approach to all she does. I have been lucky to have known her for many years, and over the past 4 years I have had many very helpful discussions about her oil remedies, experienced Aromatouch and Theta Healing, and been given opportunity to present at some of her Flourish Events. Her latest venture, Spiragenics, is an amazing body movement healing that has to be felt to be understood, and is a clear example of her desire to find ways to help others effectively take control of their own healing processes.

Ian Maynard

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