Flourish with Deanne


One Eighty Healing is my own triple powered technique.

Living a happier, more fulfilling life by revealing whatever is holding you back, releasing it and replacing it with positive beliefs so that you can begin to live the life you were meant to live.

Your subconscious has seen, heard and hung onto ideas and feelings, and reinforced them over your life, even if you had a happy childhood and experienced no trauma. You are most likely not even aware of these beliefs.

Everybody has underlying thoughts that guide their decision making, reactions and choices. Ninety-five per cent of the time you are not thinking consciously. This means that your subconscious has control and it isn’t rational. I am sure there are decisions you have made or actions you have taken that you wish you had never done.

Imagine how your life would look if you had made different choices. Well, it is never too late to reset your wiring and release old, outdated and negative patterns.


Deanne is very warm and welcoming, and explained things clearly, allowing time to ask questions and relax. A great combination of techniques were used, I was very comfortable and really felt a realignment, even afterwards a continuing positive release and a much lighter feeling! I’d highly recommend seeing Deanne anytime, I’m thankful I met her 🙂

Tracy Gray

 You receive three healing techniques combined in one for best results.

How does that look? We mostly sit and chat to uncover your subconscious belief and then co-create the solution. Yes, you are a part of the decision-making, which needs to be effective for your personal situation. And if you aren’t happy with how the process works, you may unwittingly prevent its effectiveness.

The healing itself involves being guided into a deep, meditative state before the energy work occurs. In the end, you feel relaxed, uplifted and inspired.

There is no physical contact, so it is very discreet. A session can be performed from a distance in a video call.


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