Terms and Conditions

I. When you choose to attend any Flourish with Deanne event or retreat as a participant, presenter, performer, healer, reader, stall holder, contractor, volunteer or staff, you hereby voluntarily agree to release, waive, discharge Deanne Louise Moulden and any of her employees or agents from all liability pertaining to physical injury, wrongful death, property damage, loss of services & earnings occasioned by or in connection to any of the activities, events, or retreats run by Deanne Louise Moulden.

II. You also acknowledge that in choosing to participate in any Flourish with Deanne event or retreat you are alone 100% solely and personally responsible for any results. That you alone take full responsibility for your own health, mental health, life and wellbeing. You further agree to use your own due diligence & judgment before applying any recommendation that you may receive throughout your time at any Flourish with Deanne event or retreat and to respect the privacy of your fellow participants. Please note that any information given across our multiple events or retreats is not in place of professional mental health, financial or medical advice.

III. In attending any Flourish with Deanne event or retreat you further agree to abide by any rules or regulations set out by Flourish with Deanne, Deanne Louise Moulden or her employees or agents & agree to take full responsibility for your own actions and decisions. You also further agree to disclose any relevant information related to both your physical and mental health which might be deemed appropriate for your safety and well-being on both a personal & professional level.

IV. You also acknowledge that in attending any Flourish with Deann events or retreats that you may be photographed and/or videoed and that you give your permission in purchasing this ticket for your image to be used in future marketing. However, you will not be ‘tagged’ or identified by us without your permission.
If this is a problem for you, please take self-responsibility, across all our events or retreats we simply cannot guarantee that you won’t be captured in the background or group activities.

V. You acknowledge that the venue, place, or location that we visit may have uneven surfaces, poor lighting, bush settings which may include debris on pathways & open areas (honky nuts and the like) & trees that can lose limbs.
You also acknowledge and discharge Flourish with Deanne and Deanne Louise Moulden from any liability or responsibility due to failure of equipment. As such no responsibility is assumed by Flourish with Deanne in the event of an accident or incident which results from an act of nature, weather or location.

VI. Upon purchase of your tickets to any Flourish with Deanne event or retreat or application to present at any Flourish with Deanne events or retreats, please note that there will be strictly no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, change of personal plans, flight cancellations, travel delays, pandemic interruptions, government cancellations or restrictions, personal illness or if you just change your mind.
We really wish we could compensate people for unforeseen circumstances (emergencies, delay, injury, pandemic or illness, etc) but we have costs already incurred when reserving retreat accommodation, renting space, advertising, land travel, staff & excursions etc.

So in order to protect yourself, make sure you understand these conditions fully.

In choosing to purchase your ticket, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions and agree that you have read this in full.

If for a personal reason you are unable to use your ticket for any of our events or retreats you can transfer the ticket to another person, an admin fee may be applied.

In choosing to purchase your tickets to any of our events or retreats you fully agree to these terms and conditions, and you completely agree and with full understanding accept the liability waiver, no refund policy & and components of this document in its entirety.

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